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We have a heart for the lost.we take the Love of Jesus out to the streets to advance His Kingdom...

Nothing is Impossible with God

The Life of our Family at Last Minute Ministries, International Has Dynamic Vision:

We are a celebrating people. We reflect the light of Christ and give vibrant praise and worship to the most Holy One. We must continually develop ways to express our adoration, praise, and thanksgiving for all that God has done for us. Worship must be a reflection of our relationship to God and our service to Him.

      We faithfully mentor all who come into relationship with Jesus. We facilitate spiritual growth and development through practical teachings for real life by real people from a real God. We need to know and understand what the Scriptures teach. The Scriptures, through the Holy Spirit, provide the models and the guidelines for our lives and ministry.  We are training and activating the people of God for service.

      We are community. We are people connected together through whole (holy) relationships. We are caregivers and nurturers. We provide a loving, sensitive, supportive and healing environment through relationships.   We are sharing people. We give Christ to others by boldly proclaiming God's rule with the passion of the Father's love. We are people who "go forth."  We believe in aggressive service in our city and beyond.

     We are a celebrating people. Our distinctive vibrant celebrations, practical teachings for powerful living, personal caring for others through relationship with Jesus, and proclamation of God's Kingdom rule through the fullness of the Holy Spirit have touched lives around the world. Last Minute Ministries is a prayer, healing and revival center. People come to experience a touch of God and then are sent out by the Holy Spirit to take His message of love and hope to the nations

Please Enjoy Your Stay.

  Spirit-invited and Spirit-led celebrations including informality and spontaneity.

   Relational networking and connectedness; this is to be realized through ministry groups, small groups and personal caring, nurturing and mentoring.

Practical teachings characterized by real life application and immediate usefulness; allowing God's word to speak to us at our point of need.

   Reflective accountability recognizing what God is doing and do honor each person

    We are now International, Welcome Pastor Tariq Mehboob, Pastor Paul Bala, Missionaries in Singapore and Prison Ministry for Last Minute Ministries, Intl

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