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Your donations and Love Offerings are greatly appreciated and you will be abundantly Blessed: Our needs for Phase II are as follows:

1.  Peavy Amplifiers

2.  32 Channel Mackie Mixer  Board

3.  Drum Set by Pearl

4.  Bass Amplifier

5.  Sheet Music Stands, Amplifier Stands, Guitar Stands,

     Microphone Stands

6.  Key Board by Korg

7.  Microphones by Shure

8.  Cables from 18 feet to 90 feet in length

We serve such an Awesome God, Bless You & Thank You Jesus...

Be a Part of what God is doing, you will be Blessed!

Please send Donations to:

Rev. Annie Mantz

8647 Crater Terr

Lake Park, Fl  33403



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Thank you may God

Richly Bless you...